Health and Safety Information

  • Please take great care walking around. The ground is uneven with trip hazards such as fallen branches etc.
  • Do not enter restricted outbuildings.
  • Be very cautious if you decide to use the hot tub.  Getting in and out can be hazardous and the temperature can be hotter than you usually bathe in.
  • Please ensure you drink lots of fluids and do not take part anything you are uncomfortable with.
  • Please use waste bins provided and recycle.


You will be given a verbal introduction when using the spa area, but please note the following:

  • Take extreme caution of the hot water entry pipe located adjacent to the stove and do not sit in this area.
  • Take extreme caution of the wood burning stove in the sauna
  • Wear suitable footwear to walk around. Walking shoes to walk to spa and flip flops advisable when there.
  • Take care for uneven terrain around the area.
  • A thermometer is provided for the hot tub and there is a thermometer located in the sauna. If the temperature goes above 40 degrees, then you must cool off outside the hot tub and sauna every 20 mins.
  • Please bring your own drinking water to the spa area and drink water regularly.
  • No glass to be taken around the hot tub.  Plastic glasses can be provided upon request.
  • No excessive drinking of alcohol.